Dhanesh S R
Cherunniyoor p.o
Trivandrum – Kerala -INDIA – 695142
Tel: 91-470 – 2601108,
Mobile: +91-09946666703
E-mail: dhaneshsr@gmail.com

Senior application developer with a focus on delivering high-quality code and products. Enthusiastic about turning complex systems into intuitive and easy to use applications.
Have 8+ years of experience in software development. Hands-on experience with all aspects of building large-scale applications and maintaining high availability, including

  • application development
  • security
  • online commerce
  • replication, and optimization
  • open source software
  • quality assurance
  • Timely delivery
  • Strives best to remain up to date with best practices at every level of development.

US B1 Visa holder

Proficiency in the following:
PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Solr, CSS, AJAX,XHTML, XML, JSON, DOM,Flex

Prior experience with, and understanding of:
ASP, JSP, SQL Server, Cold fusion, ASP.NET,C#, SOAP, RSS


Company: HiFX IT and Media Services Pvt Ltd.
URL: http://hifx.co.in
Designation: Senior Software Engineer
Duration: From June 2006 till date
Job Description:

Responsible for engineering web applications in multiple languages and platforms.
Playing the role of a Lead-developer for many projects including learning management systems, content management systems, e commerce systems etc.


Name: Business and Service website across Kerala
URL: (hidden)
Role: Sr. developer
This is one of the comprehensive information platform for Business and Service across Kerala
The System comprised of the Following activities:

Search/Advanced search
Post yellow page
My Account
Reviews & Rating
Payment Gateway

Name: Iplotz
URL: http://www.iplotz.com/app
Role: Sr. developer
iPlotz allows you to rapidly create clickable, navigable mockups and wireframes for prototyping websites and software applications.
Create a project, add wireframe pages with design components and discuss your creations with others. The system is developed using Adobe Flex, PHP 5, MySQL 5
The System comprised of the Following activities:

Project and Task Management
HTML Export
Version control


Name: Eduslide
URL: http://www.eduslide.net
Role: Sr. developer / Team Lead
Eduslide is a Web 2.0 application which allows anyone to create and deliver e-learning content – free of charge. Anyone can create their own courses, and either charge for them, restrict access to them, or deliver as public courses – with advertising revenues being split between Eduslide and the author. Eduslide will be developing more functionality like collaboration tools such as a project manager, creation of extra lesson types like Wikis, forums, chats, web pages, links to external content, quizzes and many more features. The system is developed using PHP 5, MySQL 5 using technologies involving Ajax, JavaScript, CSS, JSON etc.

The System comprised of the Following activities:
Tag clouds
Messaging systems
Various lesson types like Quiz, Wiki, Flash card, Forums, Picture slide, Chats, Blog, Poll, Internal/external webpage
Course creation
ECommerce module


Name: Vtc
Url: http://www.vtc.com
Role: Sr. developer
Virtual training company is a pioneer in computer based training having offices in 11 countries. The online services of the company includes an online university section offering 400+ courses and 55,000+ tutorials with more than 2 million page views per month, an e-commerce system and an intranet system to maintain production and delivery. The online university section is built on a scalable architecture that supports large volume of concurrent online users. The system is multilingual supporting multiple currencies and allows individual offices to customize the content for their countries. The system uses various technologies and tools and is mainly developed in PHP and MYSQL.

Company: Designmine info systems.

URL: http://designmine.in/
Designation: Senior Software Engineer
Duration: From December 2003 to May 2006

Job Description:

Responsibilities include analyzing requirements, design and development.
Communicating with the Client and solutions for client specific queries.
Playing the role of a Lead-developer for many projects, content management systems,ecommerce systems, community sites etc.


Name: teambees.com
URL : www.teambees.com
Role: Sr. developer / Team Lead

teambees.com™ is an e Commerce web site that provides high quality design service online. TeamBees web site is an interactive web site where a design project can be managed from enquiry to execution. It is developed to enable all communication, presentation, confirmation, file transfer and payment online. The system is developed on ASP/ Sql server 2000.

The System comprised of the Following activities:
Message board
Project Enquiry / Proposal
Accounts/ reports (detailed/summary)
Template shop
Newsletter management
User management


Name: warmingsystems.com
URL: www.warmingsystems.com
Role: Sr. developer
Warming Systems Inc, Online shopping cart systems. Integrated Authorize.net payment gateway for online cash transaction. Full fledged admin control panel.

The application is developed using PHP, MySQL and Javascript


Name: 2scent.com
Role: Sr. developer

2SCENT™ is the nation’s most prominent multi store on-line discount fragrance retailer specializing in the sale of genuine designer fragrances, bath and body, cosmetics and skin products and related gifts and accessories for men, women and children. Admin can dynamically add products and category. Integrated Linkpoint payment gateway for online cash transaction

The application is developed using PHP, MySQL and Javascript


Name: slimintegrated.com
URL: www.slimintegrated.com
Role: Sr. developer

Slimintegrated.com™, the official website for Sexy Ladies In the Making™, LLC (casually referred to as, “SLIM”). The user area has modules like profile creation, discussion forum, online store, content management, event management, online ticketing, online payment, etc. Admin has full control over the site and can screen profiles and pictures

Technology used to develop this web site is php 4.0 and mysql


Name: b2bimage.com
URL: www.b2bimage.com
Role: Sr. developer
B2BIMAGE is a one-stop shop for all your design needs. This site has mainly 4 modules. Administrator has the full control over the web site. Other than administrator there is sales persons, providers, accounts managements. Full fledged communication forum, File uploading. Artwork management, Online payment, Very detailed Enquiry submission and upgrading of the order at any time.

Technology used to develop this web site is php 4.0 and mysql


URL: http://hifx.net/
Designation: Software Engineer
Duration: From December 2001 to dec 2003
Job Description:
Has undergone training under well experienced professionals. I treat the days worked here as the root formation of my career

Name: net4vidya.com
URL: www.net4vidya.com

Role: developer
A unique customized content management framework, which incorporates features for dynamically changing the contents, scheduling exams, dynamic evaluations etc., while preserving the information, safe and secure, and preventing malicious and unauthorized access.

The System comprised of the Following activities:
Debate Manager
Graffiti , Discussion Board
Online Polls, Weekly Quizzes
Product Enquiry capture
Online exams of various products with regulated access Content Management System for dynamic content update

Academic qualifications

M.C .A from  K.S.R College of technology (Madras University), Erode, TN
Bsc (mathematics) S.N College Varkala (Kerala University) Kerala


Date of Birth : 31st may, 1976
Gender : Male
Marital Status : Married
Nationality : Indian
Languages Known : English, Hindi, and Malayalam.
Phone : +91- 0470- 2601108
Mobile : +91-09946666703


Mohan Thomas, M. D.
HiFX IT & Media Services Pvt. Ltd.
Phone: +91 484 2310129

Deyan Alex, CEO.
Teambees LLC, US