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In the vast world of cyberspace, even acres seem to be less. a lot more things to do and a lot more miles to go before i sleep. I stand here as the landlord of this space.

Current crush

DB scaling/sharding, Solr, Lucene, Memcached, UNIX, Apache/Nginx. Implementation of critical components in the system and help the team in building high quality deliverables.

gimme ur feed back

Monotonous talks are story of the past, i respect ur views on the site. praise/abuse, gimme ur feed back. direct ur shouts to dhaneshsr@gmail.com
Posted on Oct - 2 - 2012

  Create a webroot directory in /var/www .. Eg : /var/www/dh Create a file in sites-available.  /etc/apache2/sites-available File contains <VirtualHost *:80> ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost ServerName dhanesh.com ServerAlias www.dhanesh.com DocumentRoot /var/www/dh <Directory /> Options FollowSymLinks AllowOverride All </Directory> <Directory /var/www/dh> Options Indexes […]

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Posted on Jun - 15 - 2012

In search of the last Shangri-la – Nepal Kathmandu, Pokhara, Last Resort, Annapurna Base Camp Trek Apr 28 – May 16, 2012  ————— – 5 of us leave Kochi by 6.30 AM and reach Kathmandu by 2.45 PM – Check in […]

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Posted on Dec - 1 - 2011

It was on a friday evening i cried first, (though, i dont remember the event) continued troubling my mom until she found my nursery teachers to bear that. joined St. Sebastian U.P. School for my primary education, and continued there […]

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Posted on Nov - 21 - 2011

I am very interested to discuss possible opportunities within your organization.I think my background and experiences enable me to quickly adapt and help any corporation My current employer is very happy with my performance, but I view myself as somewhat […]

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Posted on Nov - 19 - 2011

Varkala, a new destination in Kerala, is for those who prefer to do absolutely nothing while holidaying. Due to a spillover resulting from the over saturation of Kovalam, foreigners started coming to the town about six years ago. The trend […]

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